Trailer found

We’ve been growing increasingly worried whether this was all going to come together because we haven’t been able to buy a trailer! But, problem solved.

Image of Dry Van TrailerSemi-trailers come in a variety of configurations. We’re searching for one like this – called a “Dry Van”. The goal was to find a 53′ length that was road-worthy, lockable, and reasonably weather-tight. But finding one has been tough. We could find them for the right purchase price, but located far away, and the total cost to get it to Nevada was too-high.

Happily, this week I found a trailer from a company in Reno. Perfect! Two less-than-perfect bits: 1) It’s over our budget; 2) It’s only a 48′ trailer. Which means we can’t spread the cost across more yurts, and the cost of storing per-yurt is going to be on the higher-end of budget. (Note: example picture – not the actual one….)

BUT, we’re going to buy it despite those problems, because perfect is the enemy of good enough.

It still needs a Department of Transportation inspection, and a good looking-over by our guy who is going to haul it from Empire to the Playa, to make sure he thinks it’s Playa-durable-enough.

If those checks pass, then we’re on to filling it! Wheee!