How to store your yurt with BRYST

How will this all work? Here’s the plan for now. Feel free to ask a question via the contact form below if you’re unclear on something (or have a different suggestion). (I’m going to leave all the “please”s out of this, so it’s more tightly written. Forgive the abruptness.)

2015 (this year, yurt drop-off)

Note that the first year you work with us, you must transport your yurt to the Playa on your own. We help you from your first year with us, onwards.  First, the short form of this instructions:

  • Prepare your yurt by using wood and 2 ratchet straps. Don’t wrap your yurt in your tarp; fold your tarp tightly, separately.
  • The trailer will be parked “out there”. Plan accordingly.
  • Make sure you bring the lock combination, and help lifting your yurt.
  • Load your yurt into your assigned space before 6pm Monday. You can load a tote & your tarp there, too.
  • Go enjoy Exodus!

But, there’s actually a lot of detail I want you to read at least once.

Prepare your yurt before bringing it over.

  • In contrast to other instructions I may have given you, do the following:
    • Sandwich your yurt. Use thin plywood, or tempered wood (masonite). DO NOT USE 1/2″ plywood; this makes your yurt REALLY heavy.
      • Use 11/32 (or roughly similar) – or even 1/4″ Luan plywood. 3/16″ tempered hardboard is great – as is pegboard (since it’s full of holes).
      • I will have a dozen sheets of this in the trailer to provide if you do not have anything to sandwich your yurt. Note that I will ask for reimbursement of the cost post-burn.
    • Strap the sandwiched yurt using 2 ratchet straps.
      • H12, 1″, H12, 1-1/2″, and H15, 1″ yurts can get by with 12′ straps
      • H15, 1.5″ and bigger all need 16′ straps
      • Put the ratchet buckle along the side that shows the individual sheets of foam – not the flat, 4′ plywood side. This will allow us to pack yurts tightly for transport.
        • If you have some kind of extra buffer / padding you can put under the corners where the straps wrap around the yurt, it’s good to put some under there. Example: Pieces of corrugated cardboard box.
    • Fold up your tarp, and tape or tie it as compactly as possible. DO NOT WRAP YOUR YURT IN YOUR TARP.
      • Write your name on your tarp. (Did you bring a Sharpie? They’re Playa-essential!)
    • Pack a tote / ALC. You are permitted to store one container for your ropes, stakes, and other yurt essentials. Totes / ALCs like this are the best. Tubs like this are bad; they tend to collapse under weight, and are not as good. Stop at Home Depot in Reno, and grab an ALC before you come to the Playa.
      • Write your name on your ALC. Sharpie-action again!

BRYST trailer location
Bring your yurt to the trailer.

  • The trailer will be parked OUTSIDE of the main Burning Man camp areas. It will either be at the service areas at 5:30 / 6:30, or at 7:00 outside ring road at the Outside Services Lot.  Everyone will be notified of where we expect to be parked as soon as we know (likely well before gate). HOWEVER, if we actually get parked in a different place, we will try to get out to where we can send email, and notify of exact location. So, watch your email as long as you can before arrival. (Click here, or the map for enlarged view.)
    • Bike trailer - small sizeI recommend you bring your yurt using a motorized vehicle. We won’t be a quick-jaunt away. You’ll appreciate gas-powered yurt transport. It should be your default plan to drive it to our trailer as you leave.
    • However, there will also be two bike trailers available like these. These will take some effort to use, and should only be used if you have no other choice. Why?
      • Attaching this to your bike takes wrenches. You must remove the back left axle nut on your wheel, attach a hitch, and replace the nut, firmly. If you DO plan on using this trailer, do the nut-removal once on your bike AT HOME, or at a bike repair camp on-Playa before you bring your bike to the burn, to make sure it can be removed!
      • It is a 2-round-trip ride to use this trailer: Camp -> BRYST to get trailer -> Camp; Camp -> BRYST to drop off yurt & trailer -> Camp. This is is a workout.
    • There will be NO signup for the bike trailers. Ride over, and get one. If one isn’t there, plan on waiting an hour or so till somebody brings one back. SO, bring a beer. Or, a few; there may be some others waiting, too, so gift a beer or two.
      • DON’T DAWDLE if you are using one; others will probably be waiting for it.
  • SprayLogoPhoto of dry van trailerFind the trailer. The trailer is tan, and has a number spray-painted onto the front (non-door end) of the trailer: V48-907. The trailer will also be identified by a spray-painted hexayurt, like image here.
  • Unlock the trailer. All members will be emailed the combination to the door lock in advance email – probably Thursday pre-gate.
  • Store your yurt.
    • YOU WILL HAVE AN ASSIGNED SPOT. There will be a diagram indicating desired storage configuration in the trailer. This configuration is designed to enable your to pull out your yurt whenever you arrive in 2016, regardless of your arrival time, without unpacking the entire trailer. (Storage diagram will be roughly like this.)
    • Try to store as close to this configuration as possible. We’ll strap all yurts firmly to the trailer AFTER we’ve done any final shuffling before the trailer leaves.
    • You can leave your tied-up tarp, and ALC / tote in the gaps between yurts. I will strap it all down prior to transport.
    • Putting yurts in a trailer is hard. It’s at least a 2-person job, if not 3. Bring help.
      • One of the BRYST customers is Black Rock Hexayurts, who is storing their rental yurts in the BRYST trailer. The team from BRH MAY be in the trailer when you’re there. If they are there, they have no obligation to help you get your yurt on the trailer. They’re nice guys, and will probably do so. But their first obligation is to their customers, and if they help you, they’re simply gifting that to you.
  • The trailer will be locked for the year around 6pm Monday. (The lock will be changed; no yurts can be placed in storage after this time.)
    • The trailer will be stored in Empire on private land until 2016.

2016 (next year, pick-up) is almost just like drop-off

  • Pre-pay 2016->2017 storage if you think you’ll want to store again next year.
  • Trailer will arrive pre-gate. (Likely Thursday.)
  • Trailer will be parked at one of two service plazas – like this year.
  • Use the shared combination lock (possibly different than 2015, for safety!) to open the trailer & get your yurt.
  • Have fun at the burn!
  • (Drop-off for 2016->2017 storage will probably be the same, unless we learn something this year.)

Questions? Submit them on the form here.

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