2016 (to 2017) Yurt Storage

Reservations for storing your hexayurt from the end of 2016 Burning Man to the start of the 2017 event are now open.

Reserving space

To request a reservation for your hexayurt, please complete this Google Form. Payment is not required to request a space. Note: This is NOT your formal contract; it is a reservation request. We’ll confirm that we have available space once we receive your request.


Once your reservation request has been received, assuming space is available you will be sent a confirmation email, along with a request for payment. Your space is not guaranteed until your payment is received.

Reservations will be closed, and payments no longer accepted, on Monday, 22 August, 2016.


Pricing for 2016-2017 is slightly higher than last year. Sorry about this, but we lost money our first year (last year); our prices were just too-low. Note that our pricing is targeted to reach break-even, not be a profit-making project (as a contribution to our burner friends).

Please refer to this image if you do not know your yurt type.

Yurt type Foam thickness Price / yurt
6′ 1″ $110
6′ stretch 1″ $150
H12 (the most common) 1″ $170
H12 1-1/2″ $225
H15 1″ $200
H15 1.5″ $300
Other Contact

Stored-yurt pickup

The plan is for the trailer to arrive with last-year’s yurts on Wednesday pre-gate. (Date still dependent on the schedule of the trucker we use.) All people with stored yurts will be furnished with the combination lock to the trailer on Monday that week. You will be able to retrieve your yurt at any time, and they are packed so that you do not have to unload any other yurts in order to retrieve yours.

The trailer will be placed in the Hive Village, at 8:30 and Arno. We won’t know until around the day the trailer arrives whether the Village is on the 8:29 or 8:31 side. We’ll try to let people know by email, but you should plan on checking both sides.

Once again, two bike trailers will be available to use to pull your yurt to your camp (so you do not have to drive on-Playa).

Drop-off for storage

Those storing yurts this year will (also) be provided with the combination to the lock on the trailer. Drop-off can be at any time after Thursday, 1 September (mid-burn).

ALL YURTS TO BE STORED MUST BE DROPPED OFF BEFORE MONDAY, 3pm, AFTER THE MAN BURNS. The trailer will be locked (and combination changed) at that time, and no more yurts will be accepted for storage.

There will be a printed diagram taped to the inside of the truck indicating where you should place your yurt. Final strap-down will be done by BRYST personnel.

Refund / re-use policy

When you pay for, and confirm a reservation for your yurt storage, your space is allocated. It will not be re-sold, either before or during the burn. So whether you actually store your yurt or not, your space is allocated, and you will incur the cost.

Payment for an unused space cannot be re-allocated to a following year, though you (as a prior customer) are welcome to become a repeat customer the following year (with full payment).

Other questions

If you have any other questions, please contact us via this form.