Specialty Storage: BRYST

Hexayurt imageJAB Ventures provides storage to Burning Man attendees from year-to-year under it’s BRYST brand (acronym for “Black Rock Yurt Storage Trailer”). Our customers drop off their yurt in our trailer on-Playa, and retrieve it from there the following year.

2018 (to 2019) reservations are now open! More information here.

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Why use us?

Many who go to Burning Man annually use these wonderful structures for shelter. But, when not using them, they can be a nuisance. They:

  • Need stored somewhere between burns. Backyards and basements aren’t great. Storage lockers are fine, but it means your yurt…
  • Need(s) to be transported to & from the Playa. Even when folded up, they are pretty big – a brick that is 4′ x 8′ by 18-24″ thick. Put that on the top of a car or bus, and it acts like a sail, reducing gas mileage, and being otherwise not-very-eco-friendly.
  • Moop the highway. If not properly wrapped & fastened, bits of yurt can go flying off the top whilst driving. Just because you’re not mooping the Playa doesn’t remove the need to Leave No Trace. The highway counts, too.

So, JAB Ventures:

  • Owns a semi-trailer (one as of 2015; can we grow?)
  • Brings it to the Playa & parks at a location known to customers pre-gate
  • Lets people put their yurt in the trailer before they leave the Playa
  • Pulls the trailer offsite & stores it near to the Playa
  • Brings it back to the Playa the next year
  • Lets people collect their yurt for use
  • Charges for storage, but does not aim to make this a significant profit-making activity. We cover costs, and put a little aside for growth.

There are thousands of Yurts on the Playa. It’s our goal to eventually provide storage trailers for nearly all of them. (Only the people who want to work on them between burns should take yurts home).

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