How to store your yurt with BRYST

How will this all work? Here’s the plan for now. Feel free to ask a question via the contact form below if you’re unclear on something (or have a different suggestion). (I’m going to leave all the “please”s out of this, so it’s more tightly written. Forgive the abruptness.)

2015 (this year, yurt drop-off)

Note that the first year you work with us, you must transport your yurt to the Playa on your own. We help you from your first year with us, onwards.  First, the short form of this instructions:

  • Prepare your yurt by using wood and 2 ratchet straps. Don’t wrap your yurt in your tarp; fold your tarp tightly, separately.
  • The trailer will be parked “out there”. Plan accordingly.
  • Make sure you bring the lock combination, and help lifting your yurt.
  • Load your yurt into your assigned space before 6pm Monday. You can load a tote & your tarp there, too.
  • Go enjoy Exodus!

But, there’s actually a lot of detail I want you to read at least once.

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Trailer found

We’ve been growing increasingly worried whether this was all going to come together because we haven’t been able to buy a trailer! But, problem solved.

Image of Dry Van TrailerSemi-trailers come in a variety of configurations. We’re searching for one like this – called a “Dry Van”. The goal was to find a 53′ length that was road-worthy, lockable, and reasonably weather-tight. But finding one has been tough. We could find them for the right purchase price, but located far away, and the total cost to get it to Nevada was too-high.

Happily, this week I found a trailer from a company in Reno. Perfect! Two less-than-perfect bits: 1) It’s over our budget; 2) It’s only a 48′ trailer. Which means we can’t spread the cost across more yurts, and the cost of storing per-yurt is going to be on the higher-end of budget. (Note: example picture – not the actual one….)

BUT, we’re going to buy it despite those problems, because perfect is the enemy of good enough.

It still needs a Department of Transportation inspection, and a good looking-over by our guy who is going to haul it from Empire to the Playa, to make sure he thinks it’s Playa-durable-enough.

If those checks pass, then we’re on to filling it! Wheee!