Specialty leasing: CartWorks

JAB Ventures provides full service specialty retail leasing management under its CartWorks brand.  Since 1997, CartWorks has been assisting both property owners and business operators in arranging for businesses to operate on kiosks, pushcarts, and other temporary business locations in shopping malls, strip centers, and other public venues.

CartWorks’ services are tuned to meet the specific needs of its customers.  While custom service packages can be designed, CartWorks also has prepackaged plans available for several types of customers.

Benefits of using CartWorks

The retail business is always challenging. Doing everything yourself isn’t always the best route. The benefits to outsourcing your specialty program needs to CartWorks include:

  • Freeing property management staff from dealing with the time-consuming burdens of managing specialty merchants;
  • Providing property owners a team member that can bring years of experience to turn a specialty program into a winning asset;
  • Gaining all these benefits at a cost that is typically lower than the cost of having in-house employee do the same work.

Learn more about our services below, or contact us today to tell us what you’re seeking.

Specialty Program Launch

Program management is one thing; launching a program is a much different task. And CartWorks has years of experience in helping property owners evaluate, design, and launch specialty leasing programs – whether we handle the ongoing management or not. CartWorks can analyze your property to determine whether a program can generate revenue – and more … Continue reading Specialty Program Launch

Specialty Program Management

Temporary merchants can be “high maintenance” – to say the least. Merchants are sometimes newly minted entrepreneurs, and may not even know the basics about display merchandising, ordering, inventory management, and the numerous things that make a specialty retailer successful. And inexperienced Program managers make mistakes, too — often not knowing how to manage the … Continue reading Specialty Program Management

Owner-Operator Placement

Retailers who are exploring expanding their distribution channel into temporary retail locations in malls and other similar locations across the country frequently have many questions about whether such an expansion could be profitable, and what the costs, logistics, and pitfalls are. CartWorks can be your partner in evaluating, planning, and executing this type of retail … Continue reading Owner-Operator Placement


The best way to learn what we can do is to look at what we have done in the past. Since 1997 CartWorks has created and launched new specialty leasing programs, turned existing tired programs into new exciting and profitable programs, managed programs for numerous years after program launch, developed several outdoor centers, assisted retailers … Continue reading Portfolio