Owner-Operator Placement

Retailers who are exploring expanding their distribution channel into temporary retail locations in malls and other similar locations across the country frequently have many questions about whether such an expansion could be profitable, and what the costs, logistics, and pitfalls are.

CartWorks can be your partner in evaluating, planning, and executing this type of retail expansion by providing:

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  • Initial business analysis and strategic planning. A crucial initial decision is whether to contact a large mall owner/developer at the corporate level and make a developer-wide arrangement, or deploy one or two locations to test the concept, and establish operational success. Both approaches have their merits – and risks. CartWorks can provide crucial insight and analysis into this, and other similar planning decisions;
  • Developer selection, sequencing, and contract negotiation. The mall business has consolidated ownership of many malls into a few hands. CartWorks can provide you key insights in selecting which developer to approach first, or negotiating with several at once in parallel to optimize your long term business opportunities and landlord relationships. In addition, CartWorks will guide you during contract negotiations by knowing which terms within an agreement with a developer are &kdquo;flexible” and which are not.
  • Market planning. Both before, and after, selecting a developer partner, CartWorks can advise you about possible sequencing for deployment in various geographies around the country, linking your installation type to the appropriate retail shopper demographics;
  • Deployment support. As deployments begin, CartWorks can assist in contract negotiations with property owners, site selection within specific properties, logistics for site preparation, and arranging for any special support or services required in conjunction with deployment;
  • If you want a custom-designed unit, we can help you locate and work with RMU manufacturers, and coordinate construction and delivery of your custom units.