efx experience

Location: Properties across the USA
Services Provided: Owner-Operator Placement
Dates: 2001 – 2004

The EFX Experience was a very unusual idea: Could an area in the mall with novel entertainment “effects” keep shoppers around long enough to capture their eyes with video ads?

Sensory effects, including temperature changes, gentle breezes, moisture-level changes, lighting (laser and wash), and high-quality sound surrounded shoppers as they walked under the EFX truss system. As shoppers glanced upwards towards the effects, video advertisements on large-scale plasma screens immersed the shoppers in ads relevant to the sensory elements then being utilized.

EFX’s owner, The BPS Group, utilized CartWorks’ Owner-Operator Placement services to launch this operation into malls nationwide. CartWorks helped BPS establish and implement a strategic nationwide rollout plan, negotiating all agreements with property owners, selected ideal locations within each individual shopping center, helped coordinate extensive and customized installation projects, and managed relationships with each local mall after install to maintain a positive relationship with each mall manager.