Mall at 163rd Street

Location: North Miami Beach, Florida
Property Type: Regional Mall
Services Provided: Program Launch, Program Management

The Mall @ 163rd Street had a struggling specialty leasing program with old fashioned carts and was in need of an update. The Mall was in the process of going through a major remodel but did not allocate enough funds for new carts. Sounds like trouble; but not for us.

CartWorks was brought in to update the program as economically as possible. First, CartWorks sought and found the Mall used RMUs – within Florida, to minimize shipping costs – that were still in great condition and were at a price that fit into the budget. After the RMUs were purchased, CartWorks created specialty leasing guidelines and filled the program with quality tenants that enhanced the mall.

CartWorks re-launched with a full program of unique and exciting merchants. To further expand the program, CartWorks created a Holiday Marketplace that brought in additional vendors adding seasonal appeal and much-needed revenue.