Pointe Orlando

Location: Orlando, Florida
Property Type: Outdoor Entertainment Center
Services Provided: Program Launch, Program Management

CartWorks Corporation was selected to create the specialty leasing program at Pointe Orlando while the original construction was going on. CartWorks took care of everything from soup to nuts:

  • Hiring the cart manufacturer and working with them in the design of the outdoor carts;
  • Drawing up the License Agreement to be used for all temporary tenants;
  • Creating the layout within the center on where the carts should be place for easy traffic flow;
  • And leasing all carts.

Pointe Orlando opened in August of 1997 with only 3 in-line stores; but CartWorks had a full program of 20 carts, and continued to keep the program full for nearly 7 years, maintaining a mix of merchants that adapted to market and merchandise trends as this Entertainment Center grew.

After 7 years, the Pointe went under a major renovation in 2004-2005. CartWorks continued to manage the Program during these renovations, and kept it amazingly full – despite the slow foot traffic during the remodel – providing much-needed revenue. CartWorks was also called on to assist in the leasing of temporary in-line stores during the renovation, and CartWorks was able to keep a substantial number of stores leased. As the renovation neared completion, CartWorks worked with Property Owners and Architect to design new outdoor RMUs that would compliment the new look of the center. In December 2006 the program was reopened with 10 RMUs with the new design.