Specialty Program Launch

Program management is one thing; launching a program is a much different task. And CartWorks has years of experience in helping property owners evaluate, design, and launch specialty leasing programs – whether we handle the ongoing management or not. CartWorks can analyze your property to determine whether a program can generate revenue – and more importantly, profit – then design a program that is right for the center, and handle all details for the successful opening of the specialty leasing program. This will include:

  • Starting by meeting with property owners / managers to learn and help establish goals and constraints of Program operation;
  • Analyze the surrounding competitive market, and determine competitive rates for RMU fees;
  • Identify cart locations to balance interference with shopper flow vs. good RMU / merchant exposure, and insure compliance with lease restrictions;
  • Determine maximum and minimum size of Program;
  • Determine dates of operation for cart program (if outdoors);
  • Establish Program revenue and profit targets for the twelve months following Program Launch.
  • Using all the above, make a final determination of program viability and revenue / profit targets. Then, assuming the Program is viable:
  • Work with mall marketing, architects, or management to identify and create the desired “image” of the program, including program name, artistic style for signage, merchandising parameters;
  • Source the RMU manufacturer, and coordinate construction and delivery of carts or RMUs and associated fixtures and signs.
  • Specify visual merchandising standards that merchants must meet;
  • Create project schedule for grand opening of Program;
  • Work with marketing to recommend marketing and public relations activities to promote Program opening;
  • Provide overall project management for grand opening of program;

If you need a new specialty program evaluated, or launched, contact CartWorks today.