Specialty Program Management

Temporary merchants can be “high maintenance” – to say the least. Merchants are sometimes newly minted entrepreneurs, and may not even know the basics about display merchandising, ordering, inventory management, and the numerous things that make a specialty retailer successful.

And inexperienced Program managers make mistakes, too — often not knowing how to manage the relationships between specialty merchants and inline tenants, or failing to spot a potential “problem merchant” before they’re in place.

Avoid all these, and other potential problems, and let CartWorks manage your Program for you. Our staff is experienced in handling Program management at many properties at the same time – meaning you pay for less than a full-time specialty Program manager. We know how to manage remotely, as well as how often to physically visit your property to keep your Program operating at maximum effectiveness.

Oursource your Program management to CartWorks, and we’ll handle all the aspects of operating your program, including:

If you’d like to hand off day-to-day Program operation to experienced professionals, contact us today!

  • Finding and qualifying merchants / business operators. CartWorks will scour the local geographic region to locate small business operators interested in selling products or services from pushcarts or other temporary retail platforms
  • Negotiating license agreements. We’ll get the right deposits, write tight use clauses, all using our merchant standard license agreement forms that have been hardened by time, and experience with many merchant issues. Or we can use yours if you prefer;
  • Provide management with a monthly financial summary on all merchants;
  • Coordinate merchant setup. CartWorks works with new licensees in order to insure the visual merchandising of the display conforms to the character of the retail center;
  • Handle operational problems. CartWorks relieves property owners of all the common, day-to-day management issues that frequently arise among temporary licensees;