JAB Ventures

The company Jay Batson uses for his business activities.

Ocean and sand

Startup CEO Coaching

I offer my own experiences as a multi-company tech startup CEO in the hopes that other CEOs find that experience instructive in their own startups. You CEOs don’t work for me, so I should not tell you what to do. Just ask you questions that seem important. You’ll know the right answers if I ask the right questions.

Startup Capital

Sometimes I invest money in founders with whom I work. It’s. not a lot of money, but it shows my commitment to their success. As of mid-2021, I have backed 24 founders.

Balearic FM

My fun side. Streaming House Music love to the world all day and night, with live DJs playing periodically during the week.

The people you choose to work with and for you,
and to live your life with you,
are the most important things to figure out.


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Balearic FM

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